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NaNoWriMo comes to Inglefield House

November 12th, 2015

National Novel Writing Month2

Fancy challenging yourself to writing an entire book?! Well why don’t you enter the NaNoWriMo Competition! Now NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The aim is to write at least four chapters of an extended story, one chapter for each week in November, no easy feat considering how busy we all are at Inglefield House! Don’t worry if you get stuck because Mrs Roskilly & Miss Pledger are entering the competition together as well. But I’m sure you won’t get stuck because I know that Inglefield girls have brilliant ideas and are great at writing. Plus you don’t have to enter by yourself, instead you can enter as a group with a maximum of three people.

The competition deadline in November 31st so what are you waiting for? Just get writing! There is a handy planning pack on the Inglefield House Firefly English Competitions Page for you to download, otherwise just grab your pen and some paper and get writing! Ask Mrs Roskilly or Miss Pledger for more information or if you just need some moral support with your NaNoWriMo adventure. With the chance of having your book printed and officially registered in the Inglefield House library, it’ll be worth all your hard work!

By Wanda, Year 5

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