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Monmouth Literary Festival: The 2 Steves

July 3rd, 2015

Monmouth Literary Festival 15 - The 2 StevesOn Monday, Year 6 visited Monmouth Literary Festival at the comprehensive school, to meet the 2 Steves, authors of the iHero and iHorror series. The duo gave a talk about their books, both old and new.

They explained to us how they thought of the ideas and that it is OK to pinch other ideas and make them your own! Some girls got the chance to buy signed copies of their books. The 2 Steves also travel around the world to other schools and libraries.

As part of the talk, they gave us a sample of one of their iHorror books by reading the opening pages. The iHero and iHorror books are all multiple choice, you make your own story. Some of the choices lead you to your doom while others take you on further adventures. Their books are written in a funny way and they read them with humour. When they were reading, the books made adrenaline pump through our bodies!

Overall, it was a great experience for the Year 6 girls.

By Clemmie S and Carys WMonmouth Literary Festival 2015 Logo

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