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Monmouth Literary Festival: Cathy Farr

July 3rd, 2015

MLF Cathy Farr with Mojo the big dogMLF Cathy Farr with Mojo the big dog v2On Wednesday Inglefield House went to see the outstanding Cathy Farr; writer of Moon Chase and Moon Crossing. Cathy told us about her love for Irish Wolf Hounds.

Her first dog, Finn, who sadly died, was nine feet long from nose to tail and weighed twelve stone! Finn was the inspiration for the first of Cathy’s books, Moon Chase, and is portrayed as the star of the series, Farrow.

After losing Finn, Cathy lost her mojo and so her husband allowed her to get another wolf hound who Cathy called Mojo as the puppy had brought her mojo back! Cathy is currently writing the third book for the series, called Ghost Moon, in which Mojo will make an appearance as a Fellhound. Cathy told us about how much she loved reading stories and telling them but then told us that she was awful at spelling and punctuation. She told us not to let something like difficulty spelling get in the way of your dreams if you wish to be a writer. She brought her current dog Mojo for us to see and at the end we were allowed to stroke him! Everyone agreed it was really enjoyable!

By Jemima B and Erin B

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