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Michaelmas form captains announced

September 22nd, 2015

Form Captains in pageDid you know that the Form Captains have been voted for and announced this week?

Oh yes, they’ve been announced alright. Well, as you can well imagine, every single one of Inglefield’s new Form Captains are feeling awfully proud of themselves and ready for the responsibilities of the term ahead.

Our new Form Captains are: Coco in 3L, Connie in 3G, Daisy in 4R, Isobel in 4C, ZsaZsi in 5E and Lola in 5P. Year 6 are of course away in France this week and the Year 6 Form Captains will be announced next week.

So, whether it’s figuring out the photocopier, or boogying at break time, then these girls are here to help. Not only are they here to help, but they’re also here to represent you and your classmates throughout the school. I  personally would do Hip Hop around the classroom if I got such an important role! Good luck in your roles for the rest of this term, Captains!

By Wanda, Year 5

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