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Mayor pays a visit to Monmouth Brownies

December 1st, 2015

On Tuesday Inglefield reporters caught up with the 2nd Monmouth Brownies, which is hosted in the Inglefield school hall.

For the past few weeks the Brownies have been working on achieving their “Welsh Badge”, doing map challenges and learning place names of Wales. To make things extra exciting for the girls, the Mayor of Monmouth came to present the badges. Lucy and I had the honour of interviewing the Mayor for the occasion.

We started off by asking Mayor Graham Pritchard about the chain around his neck. He told us that the chain was made of solid gold and was 150 years old! Attached to the mayoral chain is a pendant, together they are incredibly heavy to wear! We asked him what his biggest challenge as Mayor was and he told us that getting all of the counsellors to work well together for the benefit of the town was sometimes tricky. Mr Pritchard was never a boy scout, but he told us how important he thought the Brownies and Scouts were. “I think Brownies are very important because it teaches girls new skills and teamwork,” he said. Lucy and I had the time of our lives, and we can’t believe that we got to interview the Mayor face to face!

Thank you to Mayor Graham Pritchard for coming in to award our well-earned Brownie badges.

By Emily, Year 5

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