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Masking our delight with chocolate

June 21st, 2016

ChocolateAs you may know Year 5 went to a chocolate moulding factory.

When we were at the chocolate factory we made a scrumptious chocolate face out of white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. We also used lot of yummy sweets and after all of that, we got to eat it! We had to make an imaginative design and the winner will be announced in this week’s assembly!

Mimi said “It was really fun because it was really messy and the taste was amazing. It took me only a few minutes to eat it as the chocolate was really yummy.” Sophie said “It was really delicious and tasty as the chocolate was really good. The sweets I put on were strawberry laces, sprinkles and mini smarties.”

Joint winners: Charlotte and Scarlett.

 By Ruth, Year 5

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