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Leading the way at Inglefield

October 5th, 2015
Head girlsOn Friday last week, the whole of Inglefield gathered for a very important assembly, the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl were announced by Mrs Phillips.
This week we caught up with our new Head Girl, Olivia, to ask her all about it. Olivia told the Inglefield Journalists that she was really looking forward to starting her important new role.
“My biggest challenge will be speaking in public,” she said.
Lots of people think being Head Girl is just wearing a fancy badge, but it is way way harder than you think!
There is making sure everybody is happy, then there is helping and supporting the teachers and staff (which is very hard!), as well as showing people around and making Inglefield proud.
The whole school wish Olivia, Lauren and their team an awesome year and we will support them throughout!
By Emily & Nell, Year 5
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