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Inglefield gymnasts vault into action

October 14th, 2015


On Saturday a group of girls took part in the GISGA gym qualifiers. Some were under 10’s and under 11’s.They went to Stamford on the minibus and arrived with only 5 minutes to practise! But they made it. The girls were very excited when they were practising. Competing for the Under 10s were Savannah, Harriet, Zoe, Kyra. In the Under 11s there were Sophie, Tallulah, Olivia and Elena. The girls were very pleased because they have qualified for the next round. They stopped at the services on the way home to reward themselves with a special treat! The girls would like to say a big thank you to Ms Crawford for organizing it and don’t forget the minibus driver for driving them there!

By Sophie, Year 5

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