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Her Majesty and the Royal Welsh Colours

June 16th, 2015

Her Majesty and the Royal Welsh Colours 2Thursday June 11 was a big day for the Royal Welsh Regiment, but also for Inglefield House. The girls travelled by coach to the Welsh capital city in order to watch the Queen award new colours to the regiment. The girls, many of whom had never seen the Queen in person before, were bouncing up and down with excitement as they awaited her arrival.

They were all suitably impressed with the custom made car that drove Her Majesty in style around the stadium in order to inspect the troops. With a spectacular display of discipline and hard work from the troops, the old flags of the regiment, known as colours, were marched off in ceremony. Then, to officially honour the regiment, the new colours were marched on. The Queen proceeded to touch each flag before presenting them to the regiment. The girls were particularly taken with one of the Lance Corporals, a beautiful white goat who is also a serving member of the Royal Welsh and an emblem of the regiment.

Her Majesty and the Royal Welsh Colours 1The event ended with a spectacular opportunity for our head girl, Eliza, who along with Miss Pledger was able to hand a posy to Her Majesty upon leaving the stadium. Eliza made us all proud with her excellent curtsey; well done Eliza, what an amazing opportunity!

Her Majesty and the Royal Welsh Colours 3

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