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Hacks on the hunt for exclusives with Journalism Club

October 16th, 2015
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Budding news hounds are on the hunt for the scoop of the century thanks to a new club igniting their love of journalism.

The inquisitive group of 14 girls at Inglefield House have thrown themselves into the exciting world of reporting, ensuring pupils and parents are up to date with the School’s latest news.

Their weekly paper, the Inglefield House Bulletin, features short stories, pictures and puzzles all coordinated by the nine and 10-year-olds.

Thanks to impressive applications, Libby, who is “very communicative”, and Amelia, who “loves the thrill of writing”, were appointed as editors by their teacher Amy Roskilly, who runs the club.

The rest of the members take turns to act as reporters, photographers, cartoonists and puzzle designers.

Lola, 10, said: “I’ve been a photographer and a journalist so far.

“I’ve written lots of different stories and interviewed the head teacher about the French trip.

“I’m learning different skills like drawing and photography.

“We’ve definitely been introduced to journalism fever!”

The young hacks, who are learning time-management and organisational skills through the club, have even expanded with an online blog to include tales they don’t have space for in the bulletin.

Eleanor, nine, said: “I like being the reporter because I know what I’m doing for once – I feel like a natural journalist.

“I like writing stories and talking to people for inspiration.

“If you like writing, taking pictures, drawing and seeing your work displayed then Journalism Club is a good thing to do if you want all your dreams to come true.”

And Emily, nine, added: “We have a news desk and a white board for everyone from the School to put story ideas up.

“I want to be a journalist because this club has inspired me to do great things.

“Working together with lots of other people has really helped me.

“It teaches you teamwork and we have our eyes open to more things going on around the School.

“It’s very exciting.”

Miss Roskilly, herself a former journalist, has been “blown away” by the girls’ enthusiasm and natural news sense.

She said: “I went into it with a bit of trepidation but the girls have been absolutely amazing.

“I think they’re getting a very real sense of readership that you can’t create in a classroom.

“They get a real sense of ownership and pride from it.

“Everything they have done has surprised me – their energy and drive is brilliant.

“There are only four days to get it all done and I always have stories in on time.

“No-one has uncovered any exclusives quite yet, but they are getting more confident with their digging.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am with the girls I’ve got.

“You can teach them to a certain extent, but news sense is an innate thing.”


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