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Hampton Court, the Tower of London, the Globe and Love Letters

March 22nd, 2016

BannerYear 5 were very lucky and got to go to London!

One day one they visited Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London. 5E did a workshop about Sir Walter Raleigh and 5P did a Torture at the Tower workshop. Some 5Ps loved the torture and some were glad it was over! It was very graphic! 5E learnt that Raleigh had his head chopped off for not bringing any gold back from his conquests.

Moving on to Hampton Court Palace, everyone did a digital mission challenge which was great fun. Later we ran around in the gardens, which was the best fun ever! Year 5 had a spectacular time in London and none of it would have happened if it wasn’t for the teachers, so an enormous thank you to Mr Evans, Mrs Partridge, Ms de Sousa and Mrs Ridyard.

The GlobeOn day two of the fascinating, annual Year 5 London trip, we paid a visit to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. We were split into our form groups and went off to another of our many workshops. We tried our best to impress the man (or lady) with our acting. We played the parts of Olivia, Duke Orsino, Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Ague-Cheek all of which are characters of Shakespeare’s famous play Twelfth Night.

That evening we all got into our pyjamas and went downstairs to perform an evening activity. And that evening activity was ………. writing a lovely bubbly, mouth sickening love letter from Duke Orsino to Lady Olivia.

We had to work in pairs and the Teachers had an extraordinarily hard time choosing the four lucky pairs that would win and the prize was, what better than a packet of love hearts. The winners were Lottie, Alys, Nell, Annie, Emelia, Aneshka, Holly and Ruth.

By Ruth, Wanda, Emily and Lottie Year 5

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