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Girls take to the netball court for the first time

February 1st, 2016

On Friday Year 3 and 4 had their first netball match of the term. They went up against Llandaff Cathedral and had a really great time, fighting for the glory of Inglefield House!

The Year 3s had a great time as it was their first match. We could even hear them shouting from our classrooms (they were extremely loud)! We are very pleased for everyone who took part for representing our school and really giving it their best!

The Year 4s played a competitive and well-matched game, with plenty of shots at the goal. The ended up drawing their match with one goal each.

Year 3 fielded two teams who played valiantly, but the end result was 0-2 for the stripes and 0-1 for the spots. We hope the Year 4s and 3s enjoyed themselves and will always try their best (even though we know they always do!) So we wish you luck for the rest of the netball season; we will always be there for you!

By Zsazsi, Year 5

Year 5 Netball Feb 15 v4 Year 5 Netball Feb 15 v3 Year 5 Netball Feb 15 v2 Year 5 Netball Feb 15 v1

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