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Exciting additions to the playground

May 3rd, 2016


After Easter, Inglefield girls came back to an exciting surprise as they discovered that there was an extension to the playground, so they all had that little extra space to play games and chat. Lily D said “It’s great how we have an extension as we have more freedom to run about and play.” Emily commented “A great extension and everyone has a fantastic time in our amazing space.”

The girls enjoy having that extra part of playground to run about in and play all the fun and games as before the girls would have to share the playground and would sometimes get a little too crowded, but as I said it is now not as crowded and is great for roaming around in!

You might have noticed that there is a new Adventure Playground at Inglefield House too. We have made a rota in which all years get a go on it. The new Adventure Playground is very busy and you have to make space so you can move across and have a lot of fun in your break time. The first section is to walk along a balance beam, section two is to climb across the climbing frame, and section three is to climb across the rope squares and then to climb over the rope pyramid. Finally to explore paths on the logs and get yourself around to the far side (if there is space!).

By Sophie and Zsazsi, Year 5

Ropes Climbing


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