Clubs and Activities

There is an extensive range of extra-curricular activities on offer at Monmouth School Girls’ Prep. Many of the activities, such as individual music lessons or sport clubs, are fitted into the school day. However, some clubs take place at the end of the school day.

Please note the finish time for your daughter’s after-school clubs.

After School Care is available each day from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. Girls are able to stay after 6:00pm by arrangement and become the responsibility of the boarding house. For later starting clubs, girls can go into After School Care until their club starts.


There are two choirs at Monmouth School Girls’ Prep. The Lower Junior Choir is open to all girls in Years 3 and 4 and the Upper Junior Choir  is for the girls in Years 5 and 6. The pupils rehearse weekly. The girls perform regularly at many school events such as Children in Need, school concerts, Christingle and musicals.

Monmouth School Girls’ Prep Orchestra: Our orchestra is open to all girls in the department. Anyone who plays an orchestral instrument is welcome to join. The orchestra performs at a variety of concerts during the year and have enjoyed taking part in workshops.

Extra curricular Sport

Most of our extra curricular sports clubs take place during the school day at lunchtime. All girls are given the opportunity to take part in our sports clubs to further develop the skills they have been taught during their timetabled lessons.      

Extra curricular Dance

A breadth of opportunities is open to girls at extra-curricular clubs held throughout the week.  Pupils can attend during lunchtimes and after school to train in and enjoy Ballet, Tap and Modern styles.  They may choose to study Ballet through the RAD syllabus; Tap for the IDTA Medal Awards; and Modern Dance, working towards various performance projects and IDTA Medal Awards.

All extra-curricular dance is co-ordinated with the senior school dance provision.  This close link ensures that, when prep girls move up to senior school, they are confident to apply the skills they have learned to the next and more advanced stage of their dance development.

All clubs are led by the Monmouth School for Girls’ dance staff who work to their proven strengths to make certain the highest possible standards are maintained. Grade examinations are held at the senior school.

Chamber Music

Chamber music is groups of individuals, each playing their own part, and is offered to girls in Monmouth School Girls’ Prep to compliment their other musical activities. Our Chamber Music club helps to build self-reliance, independent learning and social skills as well as being great fun!

Chess Club

Our very popular Chess club meets one afternoon every week after school and is run by Mr Kevin Thomas, a chess master.

The girls, of all ages, compete against each other in a Super League and against other schools including Monmouth School Boys’ Prep and Osbaston School. 

Debating Club

Our successful Debating Club runs for Years 5 and 6. Each week the girls research, plan and develop arguments for a motion that they are given. They work together in groups to build their argument which they present to the class. This allows them to develop their speaking and listening skills while improving their confidence and reasoning.

The points that they raise are often challenged by other members of the club who must use formal language and support their answers with evidence in order to persuade the judge.

Drama Club

The Drama club at Monmouth School Girls’ Prep is about having lots of fun while building technique in movement and drama.


Eco-Club is a very popular club, open to all girls within the school. The focus on caring for, and respecting our planet is conveyed through a variety of topics and activities, including games, craft, research, discussion, and visitors talking about environmental issues. Girls are encouraged to become ‘Eco-warriors’ and to disseminate their passion for the environment throughout the school.

One of the highlights of Eco club is the ‘lambing trip’ where pupils visit a local farm and have the opportunity to watch lambs being born.

Monmouth School for Girls Eco Code

  • Recycle by putting waste paper in the recycling bins around the school.
  • Save energy by switching off the lights when they are not needed.
  • Save water by turning off taps properly.
  • Keep our school tidy by not dropping litter.
  • Reduce food waste by thinking carefully about what you put on your plate.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by walking to school and sharing cars.

German Club

In Germany children receive a ‘cone’ (Schultüte) of gifts and sweets on their first day at school. This September, the pupils in Monmouth School Girls’ Prep pretended it was their first day in a German school and made similar ‘cones’, which were packed with goodies.

Journalism Club

This exciting club has the job every week of producing the school’s Weekly Bulletin newsletter. The club is open to girls in Years 5 and 6. Each term, the girls submit their application letters for two editor positions, who take charge of finding stories and assigning them to the willing reporters. Girls can choose to be reporters, photographers, puzzle creators or cartoonists for the week. Stories are submitted during the week and added to the Bulletin.

We also run a very successful Journalism blog where excess stories can be filed.


Our popular Mathletics club is run for Year 4 and allows the girls to practise the maths skills they have learnt in class. Every girl has their own separate logon and they earn credits to personalise their avatar.

The girls can also practise their times tables using the Time Table Toons, singing along to groovy songs.

Reading Club

Reading club is all about fostering an enjoyment of books and reading. We read books, listen to books being read to us, talk about books, draw pictures and sometime even act out parts of a book that we have read. Reading club is about having a great deal of fun and is purely about the enjoyment of all kinds of books.


The girls in Years 3 and 4 all learn to play the recorder in their class Music lessons. Following on from this, we run two recorder clubs, one for Years 3 and 4, and the second for Years 5 and 6. Like the choirs, they regularly perform at a range of school events and take part in competitions.

Sewing Club

Sewing club is all about learning sewing techniques with the emphasis on having lots of fun. This term the girls are making stuffed owls from fabric remnants.