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Chess club: Battle of the playing pieces

December 1st, 2015

In pageTuesday was a big day for the Chess the players of Inglefield House and the Grange.

Most of the Chess girls, from every year group, arrived at school bright and early. We all loaded up onto the bus outside the front of  HMSG, we were all very excited! We arrived at Cardiff City Stadium just after 9:30 and there were already lots of other schools there, it was very busy.

Our first game, out of five in total, started at 10am – we were doing very well.

“I felt nervous, but really excited,” Eloise in Year 3 said before the matches.

Our final game took place at 1pm. In total we earned ourselves 62 points for Team Inglefield. The whole team felt happy and pleased with ourselves, we had all done our best and worked very hard. “I think we have done very well,” Asha, Year 5, told the Inglefield Bulletin. “We played to our strengths and we did better than last year.”

We finally got back to school in the afternoon to be greeted by our excited parents all wondering how our day had gone. “I’m very proud of our team for coming here today and taking on some amazing challengers,” added Mr Evans.

By Aneshka, Year 5


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