We look after our boarders as if they were our own daughters and we are proud of the nurture and care that we give them.  Boarding is a thriving, happy and stimulating experience for all within our community and we welcome visitors who would like to see for themselves the merriment and laughter in our boarding houses. 

Junior boarders, aged 7 to 13 (Years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8), have their own recently refurbished House in the Main School, School House, which is now a luxurious environment in which the girls can relax and socialise after a busy day at school.

Each boarder has her own bed and desk and shares her room with two or three other girls.  The house has two common rooms with TVs and a Table Tennis table, an Arts and Crafts Room with a networked computer and printer and a small kitchen. Two resident Housemistresses and a GAP student care for these younger girls.

Tea together after school is followed by activities, supper, an hour’s supervised Prep, a swim or sporting activity and then bed.  Accompanied visits to town and making hot drinks and snacks in the House kitchen are other highlights of the younger boarders’ routine.  School House has its own Behaviour Policy, based on rewarding good behaviour.  Merit Award Points are given and can be exchanged for a variety of treats.

The transition from Junior to Senior House is eased by the links existing between the Houses.  Meals are taken together in the School Dining Room.  Sixth Form prefects are attached to School House and regularly spend time there.  Swimming and other suitable evening and weekend activities are open to girls of both Houses and School House girls send representatives to the Boarding Forum.

There are also strong links with the junior boarders in Chapel House, Monmouth School for Boys, with many joint after-school and weekend activities.

Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools Boarders’ Handbook: 2020/21

Haberdashers’ Monmouth Boarders’ Handbook 2020/21 (PDF – 1.81MB)