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An exclusive interview with MP David Davies

December 7th, 2015

David DaviesOn Friday, 27th November, MP for Monmouthshire David Davies came to visit Inglefield House.

He hosted an assembly telling all the girls what life as an MP was like. He then met up with Year 6 for
a Question and Answer session before sitting down for an exclusive interview with the Inglefield Bulletin.

We had lots of questions to ask him, ranging from what inspired him to become an MP to more sensitive issues like the proposed airstrikes in Syria. In fact, when we asked him what the hot topics of discussion in parliament were at the moment, he said it was the potential bombing in Syria.
Having been an MP for ten years, Mr. Davies said that it was a Margaret Thatcher who had originally
inspired him to stand for parliament. “The best bit about my job,” he told the Inglefield Bulletin,  was having the opportunity to help solve problems for people.” We asked him whether he was planning on voting for or against the UK joining airstrikes in Syria and he said yes. He believed that the airstrikes would help to solve the problem and that our priority was to protect ourselves. He also told us that he believed that numbers of refugees should be managed very carefully as the crisis continues.

Bringing things a bit closer to home, he was asked what things he would like to change here in his constituency of Monmouthshire. “I’d like to make sure that Monmouthshire remains such a wonderful place to live,” he said. We were very grateful to Mr Davies for giving Inglefield Reporters the chance to give him this exclusive interview, but before we left we could resist asking, are those benches in the Houses of Commons as uncomfortable as they look? “Very much so!” he replied.

By Wanda, Year 5

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