The classroom with and without walls…

At Monmouth School Girls’ Prep, we create a happy and well-ordered atmosphere in which girls find learning a pleasure and are able to express themselves with confidence. It is through the close bond that is formed between a class tutor and each individual girl that security and stability are established. We aim to encourage independent learning and we are committed to helping each girl realise her potential in a nurturing environment. At this stage of their lives, girls benefit from building a solid foundation for their future learning. 

The advantage of Monmouth School Girls’ Prep being on the same site as the senior school means that we can draw on experience and specialism of different teachers. The teaching staff between them have a wealth of experience and we are making a conscious decision to move towards subject specialism in the top end of the school.  Year 6 have different teachers for various subjects, often moving to different venues, which clearly makes organisational skills important.   There is also a certain amount of specialist teaching being phased into Year 5.  Our teaching staff stretch across both sections of the school, providing a winning combination of experience and youthful enthusiasm.