About Us

Head’s Welcome

Mr Tom Evans, Acting Head of Monmouth School Girls’ Prep.

Monmouth School Girls’ Prep is a happy school where every girl is encouraged and supported to aim high and develop a lifelong love of learning. Central to the school ethos is the importance of building confidence, so we not only offer a wide and varied curriculum to our pupils, but also nurture and support each girl, and positively encourage them to make mistakes, take risks and push the boundaries of their creativity. Monmouth School Girls’ Prep girls are encouraged to think independently and be curious in all that they do. We offer a bespoke approach to education as our dedicated team of staff know their pupils well, truly care about their progress and well-being and set ambitious but realistic targets. In return, the girls show positive attitudes towards their learning and develop a genuine love of their school.

We hope our website will give you a sense of the purpose and energy that are always in evidence at Monmouth School Girls’ Prep, and also an understanding of the wider school family here in Monmouth. A sense of community is important to us and pupils throughout the five schools here are taught to value fairness, respect and kindness. It’s a beautiful place to live and an inspiring place to learn. Come and visit us and discover the truth for yourself!