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A new addition to Inglefield House

September 22nd, 2015

Eric the dog feature in pageEveryone must have noticed that there are not only humans in school but there is also a welcomed new student of the four-legged variety… a very curious grey puppy who belongs to our Headmistress, Mrs Phillips.

Here at Journalism Club we have decided to take the opportunity to get to know the welcome addition to our school. We met with Mrs Phillips and her puppy, who has been named by the family as Eric. Eric seemed very excited to meet us reporters and photographers in reception.

Mrs Phillips kindly answered a few of our questions. Eric’s breed is a known as a Whippet. His favourite place, when Mrs Phillips is very busy working, is with Mrs Biggs in Reception, on the comfy blue chair.

Whippets may be a very gentle breed, but have lots of energy. Mrs Phillips says he is a very fast dog. We think he must need lots and lots of exercise. Eric is only 17 weeks old, so he is still just a puppy, and will grow a lot more. The Phillips family have only had him for the last 9 weeks after his arrival in the Summer Holidays.

By Libby & Emily, Year 5

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