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Year 4 move at snail’s pace

May 10th, 2016

snailThere are four new arrivals in Year 4 this term, in the form of four rather big and lovely Giant African Land Snails in 4R.

After much debate and voting the snails have been named: Shelly McShellface (in honour of Boaty McBoatface), Turbo (who spends his days cruising up and down the walls of the tank), Susan and Blue Fairy.

Mrs Roskilly is not alone in her love for the snails, however, as Aneshka in Year 5 also has a land snail at home called Alvin and who has been made official Snail Monitor for the Year 4 snails. The role involves feeding the snails, making sure their tank stays moist and also giving them their weekly shower under the warm tap! If you haven’t been to visit the new arrivals yet, make sure you pop into 4R to say hi (just remember to whisper, they don’t like loud noises!)

By guest reporter Aneshka, Year 5

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