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Building Bridges with The Grange

May 3rd, 2016

GrangeBridgesOn Wednesday Year 3 took a trip to The Grange so they could build bridges together.

The competition was a bit like the Stem Challenge, where you are in teams of five or six boys and girls. They had five pounds to spend on items that they needed to build a sturdy bridge, for example card, rulers, paper clips etc. When they finished building they stopped for lunch and after lunch they tested their bridges. Whichever bridge could hold the most weight would win. Here are some words that Year 3 have used to describe their trip, ‘exciting, fun and awesome!’

Mrs Latheron reported: All pupils worked cooperatively and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each other despite the rain, which meant there was no outdoor play after lunch. We hope to run another joint science morning in the future.

The winning team were: Connie, Kathryn, Seb, Joseph, Thandi and Teddy. Their bridge supported 800g.

By Mimi and Lottie, Year 5

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