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Young Enterprise team bags Best Company Report prize

May 4th, 2017

Timber, a crafty business formed by pupils at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls, won the Best Company Report prize at the regional Young Enterprise final.

The 15-strong team whose handmade wooden gifts and notebooks impressed the judges, have gone from strength to strength since establishing the firm at the beginning of the year.

Their unique upcycled keyrings, notepads and Christmas tree decoration are made in HMSG’s DT room by team-member Abbie. They are priced between £2 and £4 and most items can be personalised.

Georgina, Timber’s Managing Director, said: “To have our hard work recognised at the competition was very fulfilling.

“Young Enterprise has been an amazing but very tough experience and winning Best Company Report made it all worth it. Furthermore, to have other competitors come and congratulate us and comment on our product and success was a very humbling experience and I felt very proud to have been the Managing Director.”

Timber has made a profit of more than £250 since the girls set it up.

Georgina added: “Since starting Young Enterprise, each member of the company has benefitted from the experience.

“My confidence has developed along with my ability to organise efficiently.

“The experience has also enabled us all to advance further in our studies and understand physically how different aspects of business/economics work.

“The future for Timber looks exceptionally bright, with each member striving to finish selling the company’s products within the school.

“We hope that Timber will continue to represent literature in the HMSG community and showcase the initiative and talent that the current Year 12 students possess.”

The girls also wanted to thank their teacher, Miss Attrill, and business adviser, Bev Jones who runs Awaken Life Coaching, for their support throughout the experience.


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