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Year 9 Challenge Assembly

July 5th, 2015

Year 9 Challenge is a project involving the whole of Year 9 at HMSG which has been running one lesson per week for the whole of 2015.  The girls task was to form a political party and win the election to govern the imaginary country of Astoria.

Year 9 formed 8 different political parties.  Each elected a leader, researched policies, wrote a manifesto, recorded a party political broadcast, presented their policies to the senior school in hustings.  Year 7 – 10 girls then voted for their choice of party to run Astoria.  The Election result was announced in Assembly on 29th June:  PCP, led by Lucy and Charlie were elected to form the government.

The girls had to learn important new skills including:

  • Setting agendas and minute taking
  • Adapting to change and coping with obstacles
  • Negotiating with team members
  • Delegating tasks
  • Setting and meeting deadlines
  • Researching huge amounts of existing political and economic theory and practice – and making sense of it!
  • Understanding the power of language and persuasive techniques
  • Designing and creating a political flyer
  • Scripting and creating a party political broadcast
  • Drafting and rehearsing a leader’s speech to present to Y7-10
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