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Welsh Rally 2014

September 29th, 2014

Every Year HMSG hosts the Welsh Lacrosse Rally (formerly the South Wales Rally) and this year’s was a magnificent event, with excellent play and fierce competition in the 1st, 2nd and U15 competitions.

Cheltenham Ladies College edged HMSG into first place by the thinnest of margins, on goal difference, and we congratulate them on a deserved victory.  St Mary’s, Calne showed their strength-in-depth, winning both the U15 and 2nd XII tournaments.

HMSG Head of Lacrosse and organiser of the event, Miss Scott, writes:

“Following victory at Sherborne last weekend, the 1st XII competition at the 2014 Welsh Rally was eagerly anticipated. A nervous start against Cheltenham Ladies College allowed our opponents to seize the first goal and motivated us to regain composure to equalise before half time. A tense second half saw HMSG take the lead with Cheltenham counter-attacking moments before the final whistle. A 2-2 draw meant that all was still to play for providing we won our next games.

A more composed game against last year’s winners, Moreton Hall, saw HMSG succeed 4-2. Having watched Cheltenham beat St Mary’s 6-3 we knew we needed a goal-heavy game against them. Despite dominance in attack a 4-1 win left us on tenterhooks with the title to be decided by Cheltenham’s final game against Moreton. A 4-1 win for Cheltenham saw Mrs Poyner get out her calculator and employ the International Goals Formula; goals for, minus goals against, divided by total goals. Sadly, this saw HMSG finish as runners-up for the third year in a row by a margin of 0.06. Although disappointed, the players are now determined to find another 0.061 and look forward to playing Malvern St James on the 27th.”

Our thanks to all of the spectators, players, organisers, coaches, umpires and support staff for a wonderful rally.

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