School Shop

MG-shop-summer-18Our spacious school shop carries a wide range of items intended to provide for the day to day needs of pupils.

Stock items include:

All items of regulation uniform, including shoes, for all years at Monmouth School for Girls and Girls’ Prep.  Socks, tights, and hair accessories.  School bags.  Dance, swim, and sports wear.  A limited selection of sports equipment.  Stationery and art materials.  Greetings cards, postage stamps, and phone cards.

Second hand purchases can only be paid for using cheque or cash or added to your school bill once term has started.

Methods of Payment:

Cash, Cheque or major Credit Cards

To comply with Welsh Assembly law we are required to charge for carrier bags. Our charge is 5p per bag, but we are happy for you to bring your own.

Term Time Opening Hours

During term time, unless you advise otherwise, day girls are allowed to put purchases on to their school bill, but to a limit of £100 per term.

The shop is open on school inset days when normal term time hours apply. The shop is open normal term time hours on the last day of each half and full term. The shop is closed during all holidays apart from August.

Monday to Thursday 9:30am-12:00 noon.
Friday 9:30am-12:00 noon.
For more information on opening hours during the holidays please contact the shop directly on +44 (0)1600 711 225 or email

Details of shop hours for summer 2018

Second Hand Department

Selected items of current regulation uniform are available in ‘nearly new’ condition.