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The stylish way to learn about Roman fashion…

July 5th, 2019

Year 9 Classics students have visited the most prestigious Roman dwelling ever discovered in Britain, to learn more about Roman life.

Students made the trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace near Chichester, which was once the home of King Cogidubnus – the British hero of books 2 and 3 of the Cambridge Latin Course.

Head of Classics, Mrs Beech, said: “After their long coach journey, girls and teachers relaxed in the beautiful reconstructed gardens, exploring all the different plants and lounging in the outdoor triclinium.

“Then it was time for the Fishbourne Fashions workshop, for many of us the highlight of the trip. We learned about how clothes were made and dyed, who wore what and how to style it.  Several lucky volunteers were able to dress up, although wearing a woollen birrus britannicus on such a warm day was something of a test! The girls all looked very stylish and learned important Roman life skills.”

The workshop was followed by a delicious picnic in the idyllic grounds, followed by a chance to explore the museum and study the exquisite mosaics.

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