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Student reflects on life-changing experience at Monmouth

September 27th, 2019
A student who flourished after arriving from China has reflected on her life-changing experience at Monmouth School for Girls.
Rainie has just started the first year of her degree at Warwick University after shining in her A levels at Monmouth, achieving A*s in Maths, Further Maths and Physics and an A in Chemistry.
“Coming to study at Monmouth School for Girls really changed my life,” said Rainie, from Cheng Du in China.
“When I started in Year 8, my English wasn’t very good.
“I was very shy but the atmosphere at school was very welcoming and friendly.
“Everybody helped me and I expanded my English.”
Rainie took up lacrosse and represented the school, reached grade 8 on the piano, and worked as a volunteer at a charity shop in Monmouth
Rainie won a host of gold certificates for the annual UKMT Maths Challenge and scooped the British Physics Olympiad (Physics Challenge) Silver Award when she was in Year 11.
She took part in a Maths summer school at Imperial College between Years 12 and 13.
The teenager enjoyed her LAMDA classes, played tennis and was a Maths prefect.
She is now reading a degree in MORSE (Maths, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics).
Rainie said: “The school made me much more independent and self-motivated both through life in the boarding house and the style of teaching. I particularly enjoyed the healthy work-life balance at Monmouth.”
She added: “I have made wonderful friends at Monmouth, too, that I know I will have for the rest of my life.”
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