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Sporting stars honoured by badminton ace Gail Emms

May 21st, 2018
Victoria (left) and Madison.

British badminton star, Gail Emms MBE, celebrated the sporting success of students at Monmouth School for Girls.

The Olympic silver medallist told how she had overcome sporting disappointment and highlighted the influence of her mum on her successful career.

Madison, who plays lacrosse, hockey, football and cricket, scooped the Leonard Salver for Sportswoman of the Year for the 2017/18 season.

The 18-year-old captains Wales lacrosse Under-18s and felt inspired by the words from Gail Emms.

“Gail was very inspiring,” said Madison.

“Often sportspeople come in and speak about their success and their gold medals but Gail spoke more about the journey on how she got to the top of her game and the setbacks along the way.”

Madison added: “The Unsung Hero was a really good addition to this year’s awards.

“Sophie doesn’t usually get recognised for being the best player on the team but she is so underrated and deserved the award very much.”

Victoria, runner-up in the Sportswoman of the Year section, said the school works very hard to provide girls with opportunities.

“The school works very hard to encourage girls to take up sport and sport is growing year on year,” said Victoria.

“I think it’s very important to have an awards evening like this to recognise the efforts of people from a number of sports who you would not necessarily know.”

A wonderfully creative dance routine based on the American romantic comedy film, La La Land, opened the glitzy event in the Main Hall on Friday 4th May.

The evening of sporting celebration, which included a delicious three-course meal, saw Mrs Sandra Kinman recognised for her long service to the school as a netball coach.

Acting Headteacher, Mr Tom Arrand, with Gail Emms MBE.










Sports Awards 2017-18:

Athletics, U15, Most Improved Athlete: Megan.

U15 Athlete of the Year: Honey.

Athletics, Senior, Athlete of the Year: Tessa.

Cross-Country, Senior, Most Improved Runner: Madeleine.

Cross-Country, Senior, Runner of the Year: Tessa.

Dance, Senior, Dance Commitment Award: Isabel.

Dance, Senior, Dance Musical Theatre Award: Carys.

Dance, Senior, Dance Excellence Award: Sky.

Dance, Senior, Dance Progress Award: Emma.

Equestrian, Junior, Rider of the Year: Holly.

Equestrian, Senior, Rider of the Year: Alice.

Football, Senior, Most Improved Player: Elinor.

Football, Senior, Player of the Year: Catherine.

Hockey U15 XI, Most Improved Player: Charlotte.

Hockey U15 XI, Players’ Player: Yasmin.

Hockey U15 XI, Player of the Year: Mari.

Hockey 1st XI, Most Improved Player: Scarlett.

Hockey 1st XI, Players’ Player: Annabelle.

Hockey 1st XI, Player of the Year: Madison.

Lacrosse U15 XII, Most Improved Player: Ngum Mofor.

Lacrosse U15 XII, Players’ Player: Maya.

Lacrosse U15 XII, Player of the Year: Lucia.

Lacrosse 2nd XII, Most Improved Player: Alexis.

Lacrosse 2nd XII, Players’ Player: Isabella.

Lacrosse 2nd XII, Player of the Year: Holly.

Lacrosse 1st XII, Most Improved Player: Eleanor.

Lacrosse 1st XII, Players’ Player: Catrin.

Lacrosse 1st XII, Player of the Year: Helena.

Netball U15 VII, Most Improved Player: Yasmin.

Netball U15 VII, Players’ Player: Poppy.

Netball U15 VII, Player of the Year: Sophie.

Netball 2nd VII, Most Improved Player: Georgina.

Netball 2nd VII, Players’ Player: Lavenia.

Netball 2nd VII  Player of the Year: Eva.

Netball 1st VII: Most Improved Player: Stephanie.

Netball 1st VII, Players’ Player: Victoria.

Netball 1st VII, Player of the Year: Jessica.

Rounders, U15 IX, Most Improved Player: Evie.

Rounders, U15 IX, Player of the Year: Myfanwy.

Rowing WJ15, Most Improved Rower: Anna Pritchard.

Rowing WJ15, Rower of the Year: Sasha.

Rowing WJ16, Most Improved Rower: Emily.

Rowing WJ16, Rower of the Year: Madeleine.

Rowing WJ18, Most Improved Rower: Zara.

Rowing WJ18, Rower of the Year: Sonia.

Rowing,  Senior, Rowers’ Rower: Lucy D.

Swimming, Junior, Most Improved Swimmer: Lucy C.

Swimming, Junior, Swimmer of the Year: Laura.

Swimming, Senior, Most Improved Swimmer: Eva.

Swimming, Senior, Swimmer of the Year: Ellana.

Tennis, Senior, Most Improved Player: Rebecca.

Tennis, Senior, Player of the Year: Annika.

Trampolining, Senior, Trampolinist of the Year: Kiara.

Multisport, Open, The Parsons-Williams Participation Plate: Indigo.

Multisport, Open, The Morgans Bowl – Unsung HeroL: Sophie.

Multisport, Y13, The Waller Shield – Contribution to Sport : Victoria.

Multisport, Open, Sportswoman of the Year, Runner-up: Alaw.

Multisport, Open, Sportswoman of the Year, Runner-up: Elinor.

Multisport, Open, Sportswoman of the Year Runner-up: Mererid.

Multisport, Open, Sportswoman of the Year Runner-up:  Victoria.

Multisport, Open, The Leonard Salver for Sportswoman of the Year: Madison.



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