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Rowers race to victory at Schools’ Head of the River

March 23rd, 2016

rowing2Rowers ended the winter season on a high when they raced to victory at the recent Schools’ Head of the River event.

The crew from Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls Rowing Club (HMSGRC) were thrilled to win first place at Britain’s largest schools’ Head, raced over 7k on the Thames.

The junior coxed four of Hanna, Emily, Phillipa, Gabby and Hanna won in an impressive time of 22 minutes.

Kate Callaghan, Head of Rowing at HMSG, said: “The win is a well-deserved victory for the continued commitment and enthusiasm the girls have displayed throughout the winter training.

“The following day the Junior 14 rowers were in action at Dorney Lake, Eton racing at the Sculling Head.

“Inspired by the junior coxed four, the quad of Poppy, Emily, Stephanie, Sophia and Katherine Finch showed a competitive spirit and finished 17/60 – an impressive result as the girls have only been rowing since September.”

HMSGRC will be attending their annual training camp in Seville during the Easter holidays in preparation for the regatta season.




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