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Quantum Mechanics discussion sparks lively Salon 125 debate

June 26th, 2018

Salon 125 is a discussion group that welcomes girls from all year groups and allows us to discuss a range of topics without the artificial boundaries of our individual subject choices.

The Salon holds historical significance as it mimics the way in which women in the past would come together to engage in intellectual conversation at a time when most women had no opportunity to be educated.

Mrs. Arnold led a discussion introducing quantum mechanics and light’s duality as both a particle and a wave; this sparked many discussions about the expansion of the universe and the nature of ‘Time’ and we later returned for our fourth session to further explore this topic.

We’ve discussed Einstein’s theory of relativity and acknowledged how ideas about our universe have evolved; from seeing time as absolute to now understanding that when we look at the stars we look into the past.

It was interesting to hear the thoughts of girls who study a range of different subjects which led us to delve into the philosophy of perception and mathematical interpretations. Some remarked how films such as Interstellar and Passenger play on theories about time and space.

All of this has encouraged us to question the truths we value and consider how our understanding of the world around us will change in the future. Girls from year 7 to 12 joined in and discussed the science philosophy and cultural aspects of our current state of knowledge.

Written by Monmouth School for Girls pupil Faisa

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