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Pupils given a taste of politics at HMSG

May 21st, 2014

MP for Monmouth, David Davies and local AM Nick Ramsay, gave students at HMSG an insight into the Government and the importance of voting as part of the Confidence for Life programme.

Following a demonstration of the voting process, Year 9 students learnt about the structure of the National Assembly for Wales and the role of an Assembly Member.   Year 10 were introduced to life as an MP and entered a lively question and answer session on key political issues.

Hiranmayi, Year 9 said: “We found the talk very helpful for future years when we will be allowed to vote and it was interesting to learn about the role of an Assembly Member.”

Amelia, Year 10 said:  “David Davies gave us an enlightening insight into the life of an MP and dismissed many myths surrounding politics that we may have believed.   I think we all understand now the way that our country is governed in greater depth.”

Miss J Johnson, Co-ordinator of the Confidence for Life initiative said:  “It is vitally important that young people engage with the political sphere by recognising the relevance to their lives and the important of voting.   We are delighted that both the local AM and MP were able to support us in this aim by giving students an informative and engaging session which broadened their knowledge of the democratic system.”

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