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Peripatetic music staff and pupils dazzle in charity concert

May 18th, 2018

Peripatetic music staff and pupils joined together for a hugely successful and enjoyable charity concert at Monmouth School for Girls.

The Musical Roots concert, on Thursday 10th May, showcased the talents of six peripatetic staff in a memorable evening which raised £307.15 for Music in Hospitals and Care Wales.

Mr Christopher Horner, a violin tutor and professional performer, organised the event.

He was joined by Mrs Caron de Burgh, who teaches the oboe; flautist Mrs Catherine Handley; harpist Mrs Charlotte Poulter; guitarist Mr John Whipps; and pianist Mrs Alison Milledge.

Monmouth School for Girls’ Director of Music, Mrs Amy Clouter, an accomplished pianist herself, played with the Cantabile Chamber Group, and also conducted the school’s Concert Choir.

Mr Horner, who organised a similar event at Monmouth School for Girls in 2016, said: “As musicians, we get so much out of a wonderful evening like this.

“It is very important for us, as tutors, to be making music together and also with pupils.”

He added: “Our message to people is to keep playing. For those who are aspiring towards something higher, or just need some confidence, evenings like this are invaluable.

“Music in Hospitals and Care Wales is also a fantastic charity to support. It’s amazing what live music can do.”

Music in Hospitals and Care Wales’ Director of Music, Mr Robert Aitken, was a special guest for the evening.

Pupils Jocelyn (violin), Mererid (viola) and Anna (cello) joined Mrs Clouter (piano) in opening the concert with Mahler’s Klavierquartett.

Mrs Handley (flute), Mr Horner (violin) and Mrs Milledge (piano) played Andante Espressivo (Ibert).

Mrs Handley and pupil Xiaoli (flute) shone with Allegro Vivace from Opus 81 No.1 (Kuhlau) before Mr Whipps, a guitarist, played  Prelude No.1 (Villa-Lobos).

Mr Horner then performed an excellent solo piece, Preludio, from the Partita No 3 in E major, by JS Bach.

Pupils Imogen (oboe) and Jennie (oboe) joined Mrs de Burgh for Beethoven’s Finale from Trio 2 Oboes and Cor Anglais.

Harpist, Mrs Poulter, played No.2 Beige Nocturne and then No.3 Harpicide at Midnight (Chertok) from Round the Clock Suite.

The Concert Choir (Years 9-10) sang Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know beautifully and finished their set with Seasons of Love (Larson).

Mr Horner, Mrs de Burgh, Mrs Handley, Mr Whipps and Mrs Milledge then brought down the curtain with Piazzolla’s uplifting Libertango.

Acting Head at Monmouth School for Girls, Mr Tom Arrand, said: “We need talented people to inspire our young people to continue to play and perform.

“Unless we continue to inspire a generation to become performers, to pick up instruments and to learn those instruments at a competent level, something will be lost in society.

“Learning an instrument has so many benefits for our children.

“It builds confidence, enhances brain development, increases social skills, cultural literacy, self-discipline, creativity, and performance skills.”



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