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Oxford German Olympiad Success

May 30th, 2014

We congratulate Gabrielle, Year 9 student of German and winner of the Oxford German Olympiad in the Year 7-9 category.

Gabrielle writes:

“One of the tasks for this year’s Oxford German Olympiad for the Years 7-9 category was to ‘design a film poster for a silent film from 1914 and write a blurb about the film’.  I chose to create a film poster for the 1913 silent film ‘Der Student von Prague’, which, set in Prague, is about a student who becomes infatuated with a countess and who makes a deal with a mysterious sorcerer, promising him the love of the countess.  In return, the student has to sign a contract.

The idea was to create the poster in the same style that was popular in the early 1900’s in Germany on other advertisement posters, such as World War One propaganda posters.  Bold, contrasting colours and expressionist style drawings are the main features of these posters, as well as their simplicity, and it was these aspects that I wanted to recreate in my own poster.  I thought the most important feature of the film is the actual signing of the contract, so I drew a hand (which represents the student’s hand), with a pen signing a piece of paper (which represents the contract), and a devil’s tail wrapped around the wrist, representing the devil-like, evil sorcerer and his influence over the clueless student.  I put the film blurb in the space on the contract giving the effect that the hand was writing the blurb.

I am delighted, and honoured, to be the recipient of the prize this category and I am looking forward to the prize giving ceremony at Oxford University in the summer.”

Congratulations also to Isobel, in Year 9. The judges awarded her entry in the category ‘Years 7-9 Newspaper Column’ with ‘Commended’. Isobel commented:

“I chose the newspaper article option and decided to write a piece about the day war was officially declared on August 4th 1914.  It is written in German, from the point of view of a German newspaper, and talks about how Germany is at war with Russia. It took me a few attempts, but I was very happy with this final draft.”

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