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Nursing in Tanzania

September 15th, 2014

Our Head Girl, Katie, gave up her summer to volunteer as a nurse in Tanzania.

Of her experience, Katie writes:

“In July I travelled alone to Tanzania to a small town called Morogoro to work in a hospital for two weeks as I would like to become a nurse when I leave school. I travelled with a company called GAP Medics, who organise work experience in different countries within Africa and Asia. As healthcare is very different in Africa I was able to experience many things I couldn’t in the UK, such as caesarean sections, and access to the post-natal wards and intensive care. We were also able to volunteer at a local orphanage and help out with the many children who had lost their parents to AIDS or malaria. At the end of the trip we even had time to go on safari for a day!  The whole experience was amazing and has made me want to be a nurse even more than before; I met so many wonderful people and had some once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It has also shown me how lucky I am to live country with such a wonderful healthcare!”

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