The Boarding Bark, June 2017

Hwyl Fawr (pronounced who-il vow-er means goodbye in Welsh)

And just like that, another year at HMSG is done!

As the heat had us all hopping from shade to shade, it could only mean one thing: the summer is well and truly upon us. The academic year comes to its close just as quickly as it began. Those who we welcomed into our community in September are now well and truly a part of HMSG; school life without these additions would certainly not be the same. The vibrancy, the diversity, the notion of community in its finest form – this is what the HMSG boarders are a part of.

It is only when something draws to a close do we get time to reflect on how the year has panned out, but from weekend walks through to getting through the quarter finals at a national football tournament, this year’s boarders have had quite the ride. Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to give this a read – it has been a pleasure to keep you updated with what goes on in our crazy community. We hope you enjoy a pleasant summer with your loved ones, and, we look forward to welcoming you back in September!

Download The Boarding Bark – June 2017 (PDF – 1Mb)