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Welcome to the Weekly View for Lent term 2021

Welcome to the new look weekly newsletter, or as it shall now be known, the Weekly View.

The aim of the Weekly View is to give just that – a retrospective glance at some of the activities and events that have happened during the past week, a look ahead to see what’s on the horizon, and an opportunity to introduce each week a member of the Monmouth School for Girls’ ‘family’.

I hope that the Weekly View will give you a small snapshot of the vibrant, busy and welcoming place that our school is.

Please do share the Weekly View with friends and family, and I would be delighted to receive any feedback.

Weekly View Newsletter – 15 January 2021 – Issue 26 (PDF – 852kB)
Weekly View Newsletter – 22 January 2021 – Issue 27 (PDF – 677kB)
Weekly View Newsletter – 29 January 2021 – Issue 28 (PDF – 719kB)
Weekly View Newsletter – 5 February 2021 – Issue 29 (PDF – 833kB)
Weekly View Newsletter – 12 February 2021 – Issue 30 (PDF – 797kB)
Weekly View Newsletter – 26 February 2021 – Issue 31 (PDF – 902kB)

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