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Mr Grant ‘Ergs the Taff’ to give friend’s son a life-changing operation

November 10th, 2015

History teacher and rowing coach, Mr Grant, recently set himself a phenomenal challenge to raise money for a friend’s son to receive a life-changing operation.  Read all about it here:

“In August I set myself the challenge of indoor rowing, or erging, the length of the River Taff, 64km (40 miles).  On 11th of October I completed the challenge in just over five hours.  It was a tough and painful challenge but gave me a huge sense of satisfaction.  I did this to help raise funds to pay for a friend’s son to receive an operation and physiotherapy to alleviate the symptoms of his cerebral palsy.  Thus far I have raised £1185, in excess of my target, but I am hoping to raise even more.  I have left the justgiving page open should anyone else wish to find out more about my reasons for doing the challenge, and make a donation:

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