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Lucy’s Divine poem wins national writing contest

June 25th, 2017

A talented teenager tasted sweet success when her chocolate-themed poem was named the winner of a national writing contest.

Lucy, a pupil at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls, was surprised and delighted when she discovered she’d won Divine Chocolate’s 15th annual poetry competition.

The scheme, in association with Christian Aid, is designed to spark children’s creativity and take people on a voyage of discovery through the world of chocolate, cocoa farmers, Fairtrade and literature.

Lucy’s poem, Sharing Tastes Divine, is inspired by Ghanaian farmers and looks at how chocolate appeals to each of our five senses.

She said: “I’ve entered competitions like this before and never won anything, so it was really exciting. I think my mum was surprised too – she couldn’t stop smiling.

“I enjoyed writing it. I had to look up different words to make it more interesting, so I learned new words along the way.

“I read quite a lot, especially travel books. I want to go everywhere. I’d love to go to Costa Rica because I really like the wildlife and I think Ghana would be very interesting.”

Lucy, 14, is planning to write short stories in the summer holidays for her sister to illustrate.

Along with a book token, a stash of delicious chocolate and two novels by one of the competition judges, Laura Dockrill, Lucy’s prize includes her poem being recorded by the author for Divine’s website.

Nick Meek, Head of Geography at HMSG, said: “Lucy has been learning about Fairtrade and Ghana as part of her geography course, so this tied in really well.

“I am a firm believer in competitions and related activities. I advertise all geography-related competitions to the school community because they offer extension activities and challenge pupils to explore new issues and places.”

Lucy’s winning poem

Sharing Tastes Divine!


The sky-high trees, blossoming with tiny flowers

The scorching sun dries the beans for hours

The industrious farmers splitting the pods

Cut the giant yellow rugby balls down with rods

Their clothing patterned bright and beautiful

Like the Adinkras on the packaging, West African symbols

Special meanings imprinted on the smooth chocolate surface

Shiny, shimmering coins read ‘Freedom and Justice’

Sharing looks Divine!


The soft rustling of leaves swaying in the breeze

Muffled laughter and chatter whilst doing their duties

Hard labour makes the workers sweaty and breathless

Amongst rattling of beans and the humming insects’ chorus

The foil wrapper crackles and the chocolate snaps apart

This chocolate deserves a special place in my heart

Sharing sounds Divine!


The sticky pulp in the fresh plantain leaves

Aromatic, fermenting, bitter-sweet beans

Smoking and roasting, hints of caramel

Added nuts and fruit, they go so well

Sharp raspberries and fruity mango fill the air

The rich dark chocolate, I want to share

Sharing smells Divine!


Fairtrade farms touch the lives of so many

A just share of profits from each shopper’s penny

Better living, health and futures for all

Buying Divine makes me feel so warm

The silky smooth piece melts on my fingers

Touches my lips ad paradise lingers

Sharing feels Divine!


Irresistible flavour, sweeter than honey

But tart as well, isn’t that funny?

The velvety square inside my mouth

Delicious, heavenly, perfect! I want to shout

Good for me and great for the farmers

“Pa Pa Paa!” As they say in Ghana

Sharing tastes Divine!

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