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Visit from Kosei Girls’ School, Tokyo

July 27th, 2016

IMG_5064wSpending a day with a group of Japanese girls provided an interesting insight into Japanese culture and school life. Not only did the girls not stop smiling, but they were very patient when it came to teaching us origami and calligraphy! The day started off with a tour of the school and the Japanese were especially impressed by our artwork.  After some biscuits and squash, the Japanese girls accompanied us to our lessons, so that we could show them what school in Wales is like.  During lunch, we all sat down with our partners and chatted about school and family – I particularly enjoyed learning new Japanese words such as ‘dowidashemashte’ and ‘arigato’.  When it was time for the girls to go, we exchanged emails and hugged our new-found friends, before all standing on the banks and waving them off.  It was a fantastic experience and I am very lucky to have participated.

Rosie (Year 10)


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