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Inventive students create winning geographical research

January 4th, 2019

‘Ocean zones in a jar’, a ‘tryptic poster’ and a stunning ‘sea turtle cake’ were among the inventive geographical research entries to catch the eyes of competition judges at Monmouth School for Girls recently.

This year’s Year 7 Geography Competition focused on our seas and oceans, a topic which is never far from the news headlines. Current concerns about the impacts plastic waste and warming seas due to climate change are raised in lessons, and the annual competition provides Year 7 pupils the opportunity to carry out independent research of a place or geographical issue.

Head of Geography, Mr. Meek commented: “As always, the standard of entries was very high and the competition generated a great deal of interest. The quality of research and presentation made judging very difficult. The current Lower Sixth were very impressed with the broad range of topics and presentation techniques, and were happy to help judge the competition.

In third place was Isabelle’s ‘Ocean zones in a jar’. Isabelle explored the different zones of the oceans from surface waters to the deepest trench. Using a variety of liquids, oils and colours she was able to represent these different layers in a jam jar. Helen produced a magnificent tryptic poster of the Great Barrier Reef, which was awarded second place. In first place was Amelie’s Ionian Sea research and stunning sea turtle cake. Sea turtles face many threats around the world due to fishing, and their consumption of plastic bags – as they look very similar to a favourite food – jellyfish. Also, the development of coastal areas, which creates light pollution, this can confuse female turtles after egg laying making them head inland instead of back to sea.

Congratulations to all the winning entries, and to all the pupils who entered the competition. Further competitions are planned for the Lent term.

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