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Hockey duo picked to play for Wales U18 squad

March 21st, 2017

A sporty duo has been selected to play for the Wales U18 hockey squad at just 16-years-old.

Competitive friends Amy and Mary, from Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls, were thrilled to receive the exciting news following a recent selection camp in Cardiff.

The pupils, who have played for Gwent Hockey Club for around five years, will now represent their country in matches against Switzerland and Scotland next month.

Amy, who plays centre forward, said: “I was so relieved when the email arrived. It would have been awful if only one of us got picked.”

As well as training three times a week, the dedicated girls play matches at weekends with the club.

They are looking forward to competing in the finals of the Welsh Cup against Swansea on May 6.

Mary, Gwent’s goalie, said: “We knocked Whitchurch out to reach the final – it feels amazing to win.”

The girls share the same dream of one day competing in the Olympics.

“Watching the GB women’s team win at the Olympics was really inspirational,” Mary added.

“That’s literally our life, working towards getting there.”

Being part of a tightknit team, getting plenty of exercise in fresh air and learning good time management are just some of the benefits the girls gain from playing hockey.

Amy said: “I think sport really helps with GCSEs too because we have to commit to schoolwork at certain times when we’re not training.

“My mum always says she’s happy I’m growing up doing something I love outside and I’m not at home wasting time at the weekends.

“Playing sport teaches you resilience too – if you don’t make the cut, you don’t make the cut.”

Dr Caroline Pascoe, Headmistress of HMSG, personally congratulated the girls on their success in her office last week.

She said: “I think Amy and Mary have proved that it’s important to have a work/life balance, even at in important time of year with exams approaching.

“They are great role models and we are very proud of their achievements.”

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