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HEAD ON… Excellent in every way

March 2nd, 2016

Caroline Pascoe Head On - Excellent in every wayLast month, we were finally able to announce the exciting news – that Estyn (Wales’ version of Ofsted) had rated our school as “excellent” in every aspect of its work.

According to inspectors who visited in December, Monmouth School for Girls and Girls’ Prep, are achieving “extremely high” standards which are “well above expectations”.

I am so proud of the teaching and support staff who consistently put their all into providing a life-changing education and a truly inspirational environment for girls to thrive in.

It’s thanks to their tireless efforts and innovative thinking that we have achieved the highest possible praise from the country’s inspectorate.
Estyn recognised “many strengths, including significant examples of sector-leading practice.”

They praised our pupils’ performances in public exams as “outstanding”, with around 75 per cent of all GCSEs being graded at A* or A, in comparison with the national average of around 20 per cent.

At A level, the sixth form’s performance over the last three years was reported to be “extremely high”, with 50 per cent of all girls achieving A*s or As and approximately 80 per cent of grades being A* to B.

Under the care, support and guidance banner, inspectors reported that Monmouth School for Girls “promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development exceptionally well through the curriculum.”

This was in part down to our ground-breaking personal and social education programme, Confidence for Life, which captures girls’ enthusiasm and engages them well in considering spiritual, moral and social issues.

Inspectors also noted the “highly effective partnerships” within the Haberdashers’ Monmouth family of schools, along with Monmouth School for Girls “exceptional engagement with community organisations and local businesses.”

The Monmouth Literary Festival, a joint schools’ collaboration between Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools and Monmouth Comprehensive, was applauded by Estyn for giving the girls involved an opportunity “to develop their social and life skills extremely well.”

Monmouth School for Girls is one of only a handful of schools in Wales to achieve “excellent” across the board in its Estyn inspection under the new framework, introduced in 2010.

Our sibling, Monmouth School for Boys, achieved the same result in 2014.

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