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Geography Cryptic Quiz – Rivers, Hills and Mountains

February 1st, 2016

At the end of the Michaelmas Term Caro, our Geography Prefect, helped to organise a Cryptic Geography Quiz.  All answers linked to rivers, hills and mountains.  The quiz sheets were available to pupils, parents and staff at £1 per sheet.  There were 20 rivers, hills and mountains to identify.

All proceeds were to be donated to the annual Oxfam Christmas Charity Appeal.  The quiz proved to be very popular with over £30 raised.  Over the holiday Mr Meek visited Monmouth’s Oxfam shop and purchased three gifts:

  1. Feed a family in times of crisis allowing families to use a voucher or cash to buy food locally in a developing country.
  2. Girl power – training and education for women.  This gift helps to give girls who are missing out on an education the chance to go to school.  It also helps Oxfam convince communities and governments that girls deserve an education too and encourages them to provide the facilities and equipment that schools need.
  3. Chickens – this unusual gift combined with some business training can help a family start a thriving operation rearing chicks or selling eggs to pay for everyday essentials like medicines and school fees.

Before the end of term the entries with the highest number of correct answers were put into a box and three lucky winners were drawn, each receiving chocolate prizes.  The three lucky winners were Hattie, Sky and Bethany.

Many thanks to all who participated.

Mr Meek
Head of Geography

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