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Equestrian Update

June 30th, 2015

HMSG riders attended the Inter-schools Show Jumping Championship Qualifier on 14th June. Lili entered class 1 and finished 4th. This an excellent result for Lili’s first time competing for HMSG! Flora, Scarlett, Charlotte, and Lili entered the 80cms class as a team. Charlotte entered the 90 cms class. Georgina rode her two ponies in the 1m and 1m10 classes.

Olivia competed in the Show Jumping Qualifiers at Rectory Farm on 28th June. She rode her ponies Quest and Quiver in the 90 cm class. She finished first in this class on Quiver – out of more than 60 riders – and qualified for the Finals in October. She also entered the 1m class on Quiver, and finished with four faults.

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