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Emma designs top prize in annual Geography competition

December 19th, 2019

An impressive model of a stratovolcano in Alaska was the winning entry in a Geography competition for Year 7 pupils at Monmouth School for Girls.

Emma scooped the top prize in the well-supported annual competition with her outstanding model of the Mount Spurr stratovolcano in the Aleutian Arc.

Keilah was awarded second place after producing a box of fascinating volcano facts.

And Dilys finished third with a pop-up volcano. Her origami-inspired presentation was fun and informative, and could be folded into one large volcano.

This year’s competition focused on violent volcanoes and earthquakes.

Pupils were tasked with exploring the world’s most terrifying hazards and to marvel at red-hot volcanic rocks the size of cars.

Children were encouraged to use the school library and internet to find interesting facts, images and maps, while their work had to be informative, colourful and eye catching.

Head of Geography, Mr Nick Meek, said “As in previous years, the competition generated a great deal of interest and the standard of work was very high.

“Pupils are always in awe of the power and destructive force of Earth’s natural forces.”

He added: “Although spectacular, a volcano can be deadly and unpredictable as shown in the tragic events surrounding the recent eruption of the White Island volcano off the coast of New Zealand.”

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