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Dedicated musician writes and releases new song on YouTube

December 8th, 2020
Angelika Shortanova (front) gave a blistering performance of Fantine in spell-binding Les Misérables production in March 2018.

One of the stars of Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools’ spell-binding Les Misérables production has written and arranged her own song.

Angelika Shortanova gave a blistering performance of the tragic Fantine during three sell-out shows at The Blake Theatre in March 2018.

It was hailed by many as the schools’ best production in more than 50 years.

Now Angelika, a first year student at Durham University, has written and recorded, Can’t Run Anymore, which has already had almost 1,000 views on YouTube.

She has also recorded a video and is hoping to release the track on Spotify and iTunes at a later date.

“Can’t Run Anymore doesn’t actually have a storyline that’s true to my own life,” said Angelika, who is studying remotely in Moscow until the new year.

“My idea was to write a song that would sound cinematic, as if it’s written specifically for a film, even if it is not. “When I wrote this song I thought about various Netflix and HBO series, mostly romantic and sad ones.”

Miss Sarah Fowler, who co-directed the hugely successful Les Misérables School Edition production, said: “Angelika shone as Fantine in Les Miserables, with an incredibly emotive performance.

“She was a very dedicated A level Music student and is an accomplished musician with extraordinary talent and a beautiful voice.

“I am not surprised that she has written and performed such a gorgeous song.”

Angelika, a former student at Monmouth School for Girls, performs under the name of Lyka Supernova and wrote the lyrics for her new song and arranged the music using Logic Pro 10.5.

“My family and I asked a filmmaker who we knew to film it for me so that we could use that as a promo for the song when it finally comes out on platforms like Spotify and iTunes,” she said.

“It’s only on YouTube so far, because I am still mastering the song for it to sound better before the release.”

Please click here to listen to Angelika’s new song

The Les Misérables production was sold out for three nights at The Blake Theatre.
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