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Dance students sparkle with freedom routine

November 29th, 2018

Creative students explored a path to freedom in a sparkling dance inspired by the school chaplain.

Pupils at Monmouth School for Girls highlighted, through dance, how being materialistic and focusing on the wrong things can lead to rocky foundations and problems.

Choreographed by Ms Rhyan Parry, Head of Dance, and assisted by Mrs Stefi Powell, The Elite Choreography Group from Years 7 to 11 shone with Freedom or Desire!

Set to Tilted by Christine and the Queens, materialism is represented by fur jackets in the piece.

The stimulus for the piece was taken from Reverend Clifford Swartz’s topic, which stemmed from Ecclesiastes 3 and how to find Eternal Happiness.

“Our choices can reflect being ruled by our desires rather than the freedom God longs to give,” said Reverend Swartz.

Ms Parry added: “What we consider to be freedom is often just desire and what we see on the surface, so often masks what is really underneath.

“There is a realisation that it is important to get things in perspective, strike a balance and know how to make sensible choices.

“The lyrics of the song also helped to strengthen this important message.”

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