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‘Dance at HMSG changed my life’ says Old Girl Jemima

September 21st, 2016


A girl who attributes her confidence to dancing at school has won the rare opportunity to impress international talent scouts thanks to her outstanding performance.

Jemima Farr, who was Dance Captain at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls last year, was awarded a Freestyle Scholarship from the International Dance Teachers’ Association when she performed her exam routine recently.

The 18-year-old stands to win coveted prizes, including opportunities to learn from world-class dancers, when she takes to the floor in front of IDTA judges next year.

She said: “There are various prizes up for contention on the day, however for me the honour is being able to take part with other dancers from across the UK.

“Dancing at HMSG has allowed me to make so many amazing friends and further my passion for dance through trying new styles, like jazz and contemporary.

“Ms Parry allows the dance studio to become an environment where we have the chance to forget about all the things worrying us and enjoy being able to explore and experiment with dance and choreography.

“It’s a total cliché, but dancing makes me so happy and confident.  I cannot stop smiling while I dance, whether I am performing or just improvising.

“It’s my time to let myself go and be me.”

Jemima believes developing her talents gave her the boost she needed to become so successful in school.

She added: “When I joined in Year 7 I thought it would only ever be a dream to become Dance Captain and Head of Prosser.

“Anyone who has ever wondered about taking up dance should have a go! Ms Parry always welcomes new students to her ever growing team. Even if you go to a few sessions and decide it isn’t for you, I guarantee you will have still made friends and had a good time.”

As well as captaining her peers last year, Jemima took on a starring role in the joint schools’ musical, Beauty and the Beast.

“Dance has opened so many doors for me,” she continued.

“I never thought I would have the confidence to perform a solo before I started dancing at HMSG.

“I have so many wonderful memories at HMSG; amazing productions and winning the British Gas competition judged by members of Diversity. That is all thanks to Ms Parry’s determination and support. I will be forever grateful to Ms Parry and the amazing opportunities dance at HMSG has given me.”

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