Monmouth School for Girls is proud of its incredibly creative and innovative Drama department, which encourages pupils of all ages to embrace their love of acting, set and costume design and lighting.

Our dedicated staff bring out the best in each individual girl, and help to boost their confidence through drama workshops and performing to large audiences.

Girls are offered exciting opportunities, such as taking renowned LAMDA exams and working with pupils from Monmouth School for Boys in the joint Actors’ Lab group, which meets after school on Mondays.

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Les Misérables School Edition - Mar 2018

Beauty and the Beast, 2016

Talented teens brought Disney magic to life with performances worthy of the West End last week.

Pupils from Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools put their all into the incredibly ambitious Beauty and the Beast musical during the show’s four-night run.

Dancing cutlery, sassy feather dusters, a beautiful songbird and a formidable beast enjoyed much deserved standing ovations from packed audiences after each enchanting performance.

Complemented by a live orchestra led by Monmouth School for Girls’ Director of Music, Mario Conway, the cast sang everyone’s favourite songs from the film and original dance routines elevated the show to a new level.

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Trojan Women, 2014

Actor’s Lab, drawn from Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools performed a powerful interpretation of the Greek classic Trojan Women. Directed by Ms Helen Wragg, the innovative setting which transformed the hall into a refugee camp was highly emotive and the actors tackled the challenging script with conviction and maturity. Drawing a parallel with the plight of the Trojans and displaced people today, a collection raised funds for the United Nations to buy a family tent.Trojan-74Trojan-31Trojan Women 1Trojan Women 2Trojan-70

Vorsprung durch Dance, 2014

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Animal Farm, 2014

Young Actors’ Lab is a drama club open to pupils at the Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools who, under the expert guidance of Ms Wragg, have performed some breathtaking and memorable pieces over the years.  2014’s production was no exception – an adaptation of George Orwell’s haunting classic, Animal Farm, co-directed by Old Monmothian Tom Wragg-Smith.  This exploration of politics, greed, self-interest and the slow descent from optimism to social decay was performed to full houses over two nights. Mesmerising performances by the cast (aged between 10 and 15), enhanced by the farmyard set, professional lighting and eerie make-up and costumes, left everyone captivated.  Some animals are more equal than others, but no one in the cast or crew offered anything but exceptional effort to this project.farm1farm2farm3farm4farm5

Great Expectations, 2013


Hairspray, 2013

From the moment the curtains opened, the audience knew they were in for a high-energy, toe-tapping treat from Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools.  A double-cast enabled a junior and senior school portrayal of the lead roles in the Broadway smash, Hairspray. The fast-paced plot explored the issues of racism and body-image in 1960s Baltimore in an uplifting and refreshing way.   There were break-out performances from the lead characters over the four nights of sell-out performances with each ensemble bringing something new to the parts. Directed by Timothy Clegg with Mario Conway as Musical Director, Amanda Poyner as Producer and choreographed by Rhyan Parry, the performances received standing ovations for the sheer exuberance of the singers and dancers.  On a cold wet night, Hairspray was just the tonic!


On the Razzle, 2012


The Odyssey, 2012


Alice in Wonderland, 2011


The Caucasian Chalk Circle, 2010


A Midsummer Night's Dream, 2009

A Mid Summer Nights Dreammidsummer1midsummer2midsummer3midsummer4

Lord of the Flies, 2008




Annie, 2007